Hearing Impairment

The ability to hear is such an integral part of our lives that most people take it for granted. According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss affects about 15% of the world population.

Without treatment, the consequences can be serious, ranging from disadvantages at work, relationship problems and social isolation, which may subsequently lead to depression.

The consequences are especially severe for children, as the development of speech and language is fundamentally dependent on the sense of hearing.

Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss

At our centre, any audiological habilitation or rehabilitation programme recommended is shaped solely by the requirements of the individual – his or her needs, abilities, social and physical contexts, and preferences.

For the hearing impaired, we offer state of the art devices such as hearing aids and referral for cochlear implants, among others. Additionally, we offer assistive listening devices and noise protection products for prevention against hearing loss.

Counselling as well as after sales service and support will be provided throughout.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • Asking others to repeat themselves

  • Asking others to speak slowly, clearly and loudly

  • Turning up the TV, radio or computer to volume levels others find loud

  • Having trouble understanding conversation in noisy places

  • Feeling like other people mumble or slur their words

  • Having trouble hearing women’s and children’s voices

  • Having trouble hearing on the telephone

  • Feeling more irritable or depressed

  • Avoiding social situations that were once enjoyable

  • Withdrawal of conversations

  • Having difficulty following a fast-moving conversation

  • Missing important information in meetings

  • Being told by others that you have hearing loss

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