Hearing aid accessories are devices that help to increase your hearing aid performance for several situations which sometimes with using hearing aid only is not enough. The situations are like in meeting, watching television, on the phone or streaming music via smartphone also in a noisy environment. With current technology, the devices had developed wireless which is more practical to use.

Basically, with this device, it will connect to your hearing aid and the sound or speech will directly heard in your hearing aids. The direct sound or speech will be more cleared. There are several current accessories for Sonic brand which is SoundGate 3, TV Adapter 2, Phone Adapter 2, Sound Gate Mic and RC-N Remote Control.

If you want your phone or other external device that have Bluetooth connection to connect with your hearing aid, Sound Gate 3 can make it. It also can make as your remote control to adjust the volume of your hearing aid without Bluetooth. Besides, if your hearing aids have telecoil system, Sound Gate 3 can connect your hearing aids with the audio of places that have features of hearing aid loop/telecoil system.

There is also Phone Adapter 2 which connect the landline phone work with the Sound Gate 3. The Sound Gate 3 will alert you to an incoming call and you can answer via Sound Gate 3 and hear the conversation directly through your hearing aid.

For meeting or in a classroom, you can use Soundgate Mic work with the SoundGate 3 too. This SoundGate Mic can clip to the speaker’s cloth or put nearby. The voice will transmit via SoundGate 3 right into your hearing aid. Now, you can hear clearly without disturbed.

The RC-N Remote Control is invented specially for people with dexterity issues. This device with lower power consumption and easier to feel the control button can make people with dexterity problem to control the program and volume button on the RC-N Remote Control instead of the tiny buttons on the hearing aid. This device is more convenient for them.

As human being, we really need a smooth working in daily life and better lifestyle. These accessories could help and make it for you.

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