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Cochlear Implant

When hearing aids are no longer an option, Cochlear Implant might just save the day. When a Sensorineural Hearing Loss damage at the Inner Ear is in the severe to profound level, perception of hearing will not be as good and maybe distorted even with the best of technology. 

Cochlear Implant bypasses damaged parts of the inner ear and allows sounds to pass through via the hearing nerve that was stimulated, not with sound waves or vibration, but with precise electrical signals.

The beauty of current Cochlear Implant technology, hearing impaired who still benefit from hearing aids may be able to benefit from hybrid hearing – a unique combination of cochlear implant and acoustic hearing, is available with the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor.  Similar to hearing aids, Cochlear Implant technologies allows you to connect to all the smart phones, computer and all the digital devices that allows one to enjoy everyday communications.

Cochlear implant technology will give you another level of hearing experience which suitable for all range of ages. 

Eartistic Hearing & Balance Centre provides a thorough Cochlear Implant program. Send us your inquiry below and we will provide you the Cochlear Journey flow. 

Here is a quick tip for you to consider before you decide for cochlear implant.

Hear always …

The Implant:

Our latest generation of implants – the Nucleus Profile Series – is now available with our latest array, the Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI532). This electrode is designed to preserve the delicate structure of your ear and is close to the hearing nerve to help you hear your best.

The Processor:

Nucleus ® 7, the first for iPhone. First for Android™. The only cochlear implant sound processor you can control directly from your smartphone.

We have a range of processors available that suits the price range that suits for your daily needs and budget.

The Kanso® Processor:

Introducing KANSO®, the discreet new hearing solution

from Cochlear Australia.

Kanso uses the same industry-leading technology as the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor, so your child or yourself can experience the joy of hearing without compromising on hearing technolog


True Wireless™ Accessories:


No neck loops, no wires, no strings. Only the Cochlear™ True Wireless™ range offers true wireless freedom, taking your hearing to the next level and letting you live life to the fullest.


With Cochlear True Wireless, you can also bring your passions to life. From music to sport, there’s a wireless device to make the most of life.


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