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New world, new technology. Now we can hear beyond borders. With hearing aid, you can improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility as well as connecting with wireless device like smartphone.

Hearing aid price range depends on the model and the technology level. Do contact us if you already have an audiogram and we will quote you the hearing aid price. These are our favourite pick.

Hearing aid accessories are devices that help to increase your hearing aid performance for several situations which sometimes with using hearing aid only is not enough. The situations are like in meeting, watching television, on the phone or streaming music via smartphone also in a noisy environment.

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If you are unable to come to any of our centres, here is BALEX a home rehabilitation program that was written by Dr Zuraida from HUSM.


Assistive listening devices are imperative for clients who needs to know when danger or communication is needed when they are far from the sound source or resting from hearing aids such as vibrating alarm clock, flashing doorbell and others.


Items coming soon.

Anti-oxidants & Folic Acid are good  supplements for Hearing Loss. A regular intake of antioxidants, especially in the form of folic acid commonly found in spinach, asparagus, beans, broccoli, eggs, liver or nuts, can reduce the risk of hearing loss by up to 20%.  Omega 3 fats and vitamin D plays a big role in reducing 42% chance of age related hearing loss. Magnesium that can be found in  in bananas, potatoes or broccoli, has been shown to provide additional protection against noise induced hearing loss.

Check out our supplements if you are interested.


Amplivox are proven specialists for innovative audiological and occupational health medical instruments. All Amplivox products combine innovation, reliability and ease of use. Origin from England, Amplivox continue to lead the market on a global basis.

In Malaysia, Eartistic has been appointed as sole distributor for Amplivox products. Align with Amplivox mission, Eartistic is committed to supply & support the reliable audiology equipment & services in Malaysia

For more info on Amplivox audiology solution, click Here.



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