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Eartistic Ramadhan Promotion 2021

Eartistic Hearing would like to share with you our Ramadhan Promo for you and your loved ones to hear better in this month of giving and sharing.

Have a free Beltone Amaze upgrade worth up to RM9,000 for a limited time!

Experience richer and natural sound.

Get Amaze 6 & upgrade to Amaze 9 for free!

Or Amaze 9 to Amaze 17.

From 13 April to 12 May 2021.

Fill up the form at the bottom of this page, and our nearest clinic will set an appointment with you.

Hearing Aid

New world, new technology. Now we can hear beyond borders. With hearing aid, you can improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility as well as connecting with wireless device like smartphones.

Our clinic is committed to providing you the best hearing experience suitable for all ages. Our services cover all your needs. From testing, fitting, and servicing, our friendly audiologist will customize the hearing aids program to your needs.

Eartistic is the sole distributor of Sonic hearing aid in Malaysia. We also provide other international brands of hearing aids for you to choose from.

Everyday Sounds Better


Finding the True Hearing Aid

Is like looking for a life time partner because its going to be with you ALL the TIME.. Choose wisely, try and get them right .

Dr Shasa Aziz, CEO and Founder of Eartistic

Beltone Amaze

Beltone amaze is an amazingly complete solution. It consists of a full family range of hearing care solutions for everyone’s needs.

Beltone hearing aids' sleek and elegant design for you to choose from.

Beltone hearing aids’ sleek and elegant design for you to choose from.


With the built-in rechargeable battery option and inductive smart charger with power bank function, Beltone Amaze made traditional hearing aids a history. Simply charge both hearing aids simultaneously on-the-go. The battery can last up to 30 hours. The power bank also supports three full charge cycles, giving you freedom of movement.

Beltone amaze charger. Modern design for any decor.

Beltone Amaze charger. Modern design for any decor.

Natural and richer sound

Beltone amazes users with natural sound. Beltone Amaze is the preferable model for listening to music, and for daily use. With a 116dB dynamic range, which is the highest in the industry, Beltone Amaze is able to receive and process sound at the highest input without distortion or limitation. This results in a full and rich audio experience a music lover shouldn’t miss out on.


Intuitive control

Beltone Amaze users can easily control hearing aids via HearMax app with a few taps. More control options are also available with Beltone range of wireless accessories to make the user experience easy and reliable.


Hear it at the next level

To bring your hearing aid experience to the next level, users can get extra care and services via HearMax app. You could request for fine-tuning by our helpful audiologist at Eartistic.


What are you waiting for?

Come for a free trial at your nearest Eartistic clinic. Contact us to find out more.


Discover other brands

Eartistic also distribute other great international hearing aids brands for you to choose from.

Enchant MNR :

Eartistic’s Favourite!

Enchant MNR is the best kind of hearing aids to wear in our humid climate. It has the vital components, it brings back to everyday hearing with Enchant from Sonic. Built on the revolutionary Sound DNA platform, Enchant aligns premium features with astoundingly natural sound. Powerful technologies intuitively respond to your surroundings to keep speech clear and noise to a minimum.

Phonak Sky B :

Eartistic’s Paediatric Pick:

Phonak Sky B  is the paediatric hearing family that covers losses from mild to profound. It was design to with safety features, different colours to suit the childs taste, ease of use, suited even for active children with precautions especially in Malaysia’s humid climate as well as high technology features that helps them in classroom environment that can work on its own or with FM system or Roger System.

Signia Pure Nx

Eartistic’s Pick :

Pure Charge &Go tackles a wide range of hearing loss from mild to severe and gives you back the natural sound of life. Signia’s Pure Charge&Go comes with rechargeable feature, high capacity lithium-ion power cell, Signia’s Pure Charge&Go offers a long lasting, superior hearing experience even when you’re streaming audio.

Bellman and Symfon Maxi :

Eartistic’s Personal Amplifier :

Maxi is our pick as well as Malaysian’s pick this for its price, ergonomics, most robust and user friendly personal amplifier. Maxi is specially designed for people with impaired vision or low dexterity. Maxi works with hearing aids and cochlear implants as well as with regular headphones or earphones. Unlike hearing aids, they use regular AA batteries. Always good to have Maxi for emergencies and for those who are not ready for a conventionak hearing aids.



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